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Water Purification Value Added Services

At MORF, Maximum Customer Delight is not just a policy but a wild obsession. As an organization, we are driven by an intrinsic commitment to our customers and we fully understand the value of keeping customers satisfied and happy to achieve our stated vision of becoming a NATIONAL LEADER in our chosen industry. This customer-centric approach combined with a decade-long experience and consummate knowledge of Customer Service Infrastructure (CSI) have given us adequate leverage to offer a vibrant bouquet of Value Added Services which is quite unprecedented in water and waste water treatment industry. These services enhance the value of our customers' investment, help us stay closer to our customers and expeditiously address routine service requirements and unforeseen break downs in the shortest possible timeframe. As an evolving organization, MORF continues to come out with such innovative value additions which give us a strong competitive advantage in the market.

Service Help Line :

These help lines are in addition to the regular Customer Care Desk accessible during office hours.

Holiday Service :

Water and waste water treatment equipment are essential services and thereby warrant minimum downtime in addressing snags and other routine maintenance requirements. MORF service personnel work on all holidays in batches to ensure that the service requirements are met promptly and effectively. (Please contact our Service Department for detailed information)

Comprehensive :

All our standard products (Standard Products Division) come with a One-year Comprehensive Guarantee which includes even the consumables like filter media, carbon granules, resins, membranes, cartridges, UV lamps etc. Our Product Guarantee Card carries this information in detail. MORF assumes total responsibility for the product during this one year which is a reflection of our absolute confidence on the quality of our products.

Special Extended :

Pressure Vessels (FRP / Composite) used in our Standard Products (Standard Product Division) are given a 5-year Guarantee against breakages during normal and prescribed operation. (Please contact our Service Department for detailed information)

Company-Owned :
Delivery Fleet

We have a company owned and operated delivery fleet (Maruti Vans and TATA 207) to deliver our products promptly and safely at the customers' door steps free of cost. Presently this service is available at Chennai and shortly will also be available at Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Toll Free Number :

We are in the process of launching our Toll Free Number services to exclusively receive and register product and service complaints from all our customers.

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Water Purification Value Added Services

Water Purification Value Added Services

Water Purification Value Added Services

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