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Research & Development

Research and Development (R & D) is an integral part of our strategy for achieving growth, profitability and sustainability of our business. Research is indispensable and provides the much needed platform for the advent of new ideas which in turn breathes life in to hitherto unknown products. We fully understand that new products and design developments are very crucial to the survival of a company in a world that is rapidly changing. Therefore, we continually review and revamp our designs and range of products to meet the emerging preferences of the markets.

As an organization, we continuously and adequately invest in R & D endeavours to create new, futuristic and value-for-money products with unique features to meet the evolving needs of the markets. R & D will remain our most potential weapon for realizing our ambitions in technological innovation and supporting our growth in future.

MORF has a small team of dedicated in-house research professionals who continuously investigate potential growth areas and also experiments on the existing range of our products. Research is undertaken into a lot of factors such as efficacy, energy requirements, user friendliness, sustainability, aesthetics etc in the course of developing new products. Our R & D activities are conducted ethically and with utmost care for environmental protection. We are also in the process of engaging external research institutes to aid us in our research activities.

Accurate understanding of customers' needs is the key to productive R & D. Innovations in isolation are no longer an advisable proposition and companies will have to keep its eyes and ears on the ground to come up with breakthrough solutions.

This belief inspires MORF to collaborate with a wide network of strategic partners comprising our customers, vendors, service providers, business associates and users of our competitive products. This wholesome approach immensely helps us to obtain critical knowledge and insights into the exacting needs of the markets consistently. The objective of MORF is to understand what drives the markets, the problems they confront and how MORF could help them in the best possible way. This way it becomes easy to collaboratively develop ultra-efficient solutions and fine tune our product portfolio.

The primary objective of our R & D Division is to invent environmental and health solutions of tomorrow and the specific goals of our R & D programs may be summarized as follows:

  • Achieve an edge in product and process technologies in terms of efficiency, safety, reliability, optimization of operational costs, automation etc.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in environmental science and technology
  • Confirming the efficacy and environmental compliance of new technologies by subjecting lab-scale pilot units to extensive performance and endurance tests
  • Developing products which are easy to manufacture and service
  • Development of advanced investigation tools
  • Conducting product life cycle analysis (PLCA) to assess the environmental impact and evolve ways to minimize the impact
  • Creation of intellectual properties and patents

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