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Water Treatment Plants Project Execution Support

Seamless project execution capability is vital to the long term success of water and waste water treatment plants.  Key to a successful project execution is a detailed project plan (DPP) and a strong project execution team with schedule planning skills, lucid clarity on the customer requirements and focus.  The processes will have to be constantly fine tuned in line with various mission-critical factors.  MORF uses project management tools like TBS (Task Breakdown Structure), CPM (Critical Path Method), LTDM (Linear task delegation method) and PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Technique) to successfully execute projects with the committed time frame.

MORF offers comprehensive support in terms of preparing an elaborate process design for a wide range of water and waste water treatment plants.  The design is primarily based on the characteristics of the feed water, the total water requirement of the customer, the intended application of the treated water and the site conditions. This process starts with a Process Flow Diagram (PFD) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID).  Based on the PFD and P&ID, advanced formula and CAD drafting are used to design and develop appropriate treatment equipments / plants, plant lay-out, elevation and loop drawings.  Once the drawings are approved by the client, MORF starts procurement, fabrication and assembling activities.

MORF takes total responsibility for the erection and commissioning of water and waste water treatment plants designed by us.  We also undertake the erection and commissioning of such plants supplied by third party companies after evaluating the configurational correctness of the supplied plants. 

With a decade of project-delivery experience, MORF has set up a separate E&C division manned by qualified and field-trained engineering professionals with operational expertise to handle these activities.  This division assists the customer personnel in the project coordination starting from concept to commissioning.

After successful completion of the commissioning process, the performance of the plant is monitored through a few production cycles and necessary process adjustments are completed. Thereafter, a performance test is conducted under the direct supervision of the customer personnel to establish the guaranteed performance of the plant and conformity of the output water to relevant standards.  The output / treated water is analyzed by using field test kits and analytical instruments.

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