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In a highly service-oriented industry, efficient and innovative service results in Complete Customer Delight and this is the key to consistent growth.  MORF understands this too well and has developed a suite of services tailored to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.  We practice robust Product Lifecycle Management (PLC) norms and provide innovative end-to-end services. 

Strong knowledge base in product engineering coupled with sound service infrastructure and high quality service-delivery capability enable MORF to reach our customers faster and more cost effectively.

Apart from offering a standard ONE YEAR warranty for all our products, we also offer standardized on-site service contracts such as Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts (ACMC), Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Contracts, Specific Operation (SO) Contracts etc.   Customized service contracts to suit the specific requirements and budget of our customers are also offered.   These contracts have been tailored to give maximum value for our customers.  If the equipment is not operating in the normal range, it is immediately documented and a formal communication is sent to our customer detailing the conditions, corrective action required and the potential complications if the condition is ignored.  Customers also have the option of choosing On-Call services (charges on per visit basis) without entering into a service contract.   Operator Training is another critical and valuable service we offer our customers.

MORF possesses very difficult diagnostic and service capabilities like membrane cleaning and autopsies, resin testing and revitalization, re-energizing the media etc.

These services are offered at doorstep to all the segments of the market namely residential segment, institutional segment, industrial segment and communities. 

Annual Contract

MORF offers two types of service contracts namely AMC and ACMC.   Charges for these contracts are on a yearly basis and the charges for the same are collected at the commencement of the contract. 

Our AMC takes care of preventive maintenance with two scheduled pre-emptive inspection and maintenance visits during the contract period at a frequency of once in six months.  Apart from these two routine visits, unlimited number of service visits are offered against receipt of complaints from our customers.

During the pre-emptive I&M visits, the supplied units are thoroughly checked for media (filter media, resins, cartridges, membranes etc.) efficiency, functional efficacy and the output quality.  In case of any deficiency, the problem is either addressed at site or at our local service centre.  While our ACMCs cover the consumables in the equipment, AMCs exclude the consumables from its scope. A copy of our AMC/ACMC terms and conditions can be obtained from our local service centre.

Proper maintenance of the plant ensures optimum operating conditions, efficient delivery of the designed performance and in turn results in extended equipment life, hassle-free operations and reduced operating costs.  Our service personnel help customers get the maximum value for their investment in water treatment equipment.

Under this contract, we also train the operators (customer personnel) any number of times on all the operating and maintenance procedures of the plant.  This relieves the customer in case of problems of man power retention at site. 

We also offer AMC and ACMC to third party plants (equipment supplied by other companies) subject to the evaluation of the equipment condition through a technical audit.   However, on-call services are offered only to equipment supplied by us. 

A service contract with MORF ensures reliable and timely service and complete peace of mind for the customer.

Operation and Maintenance (O) Contracts

MORF offers O&M contracts wherein the complete responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the treatment plant comes under our scope.   Our technical personnel will operate and maintain the plant on site and ensure efficient delivery of the designed performance.  Systematic operations, timely monitoring of the plant and calibration of critical instruments, preventive maintenance activities (regular and  at pre-determined intervals), prompt replacement of spares, supply of consumables and proper documentation of data enhance the overall efficiency of the plant resulting in extended equipment life, minimized downtime and reduced operating costs.   

An O&M with MORF eliminates the expense and hassles of in-house supervision, labour troubles and maintenance hitches for the customer.  Our O&M professionals help customers get the maximum value from their investment in water treatment equipment while our customers can concentrate on their core tasks. 

O&M contracts are renewed annually and the charges for these O&M contracts are paid by our customers on a monthly basis. 

Specific Operation (SO) Contracts

These contracts are highly customized in nature and are tailor-made to meet the requirements and budget of our customers.  The scope of this contract is very narrow and confined to specific operations of the plant at pre-determined intervals and hence these contracts are very competitively priced.   These contracts are further classified into Backwash Contracts, Regeneration Contracts, Plant Monitoring Contracts etc.

On-Call Services

Customers who have the required technical manpower to operate and maintain their plant or do not have a budget for service contracts can opt for this ad hoc service.  Without entering into an annual contract, they can avail of our On-Call Services and the charges for the same will be on per visit basis. 

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