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Water Treatment Plants Upgradation and Modernization

A pilot plant is a prototype of a processing system which is operated to generate data about the behaviour and efficacy of different processes for use in design of larger facilities. These plants are generally preferred and deployed to reduce the risks associated with opting for large process plants straight away. Pilot plants are typically smaller than production scale plants but are built in a range of sizes. ie., laboratory-scale plants, bench-scale plants and demonstration-scale plants. These plants are used to study the process feasibility and commercial viability of designing a full-scale production plant and are substantially less expensive to build..

Pilot plants provide valuable information such as understanding the process geometry, comparison of different process technologies, design optimization, material properties, establishing control mechanisms, process efficiency (compliance with national and local regulatory bodies) under varying operating conditions and scale-up data. Large and full-scale production units can be effectively modeled with the empirical results obtained from the operation of pilot-scale equipment. However, scale-up traps and pitfalls need to be closely reviewed before firming up the design.

Pilot plants are not used if a system process is well-defined and the engineering parameters are fully established. Advances in process simulation on computers have increased the confidence of process designers and thereby the need for pilot plants has now greatly reduced. Nevertheless, even state-of-the-art simulation sometimes cannot accurately predict the behaviour of complex systems.

MORF supplies modular, rugged and extremely flexible pilot plants (Standardized and Custom-built) for water and waste water treatment processes suiting specific requirements of our customers. These pilot plants can be used as stand-alones or integrated into an existing process sequence with other filtration technologies. Our in-house analytical department conducts on-site analysis which provides customers with immediate feedback and reduces the time spent in the pilot plant.

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Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants in Chennai

Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants