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Technology and Process Description

MACRO FILTER is essentially a multi-media filter and is an advanced variant of the pressure sand filter which uses Depth Filtration Technology (DFT) with multiple media types. MACROFILTER also combines the functional advantages of a Pressure Sand Filter and an Activated Carbon Filter. A unique 4-layer media consisting of Graded quartz sand, specially sieved fine white sand, activated carbon granules of high iodine value (IV 950) and Pebbles at variable proportions (depending on the water quality) helps in effectively reducing the physical contaminants present in the water. The media alignment ensures even distribution of the filtration load. The media design also facilitates easy backwash and rinse resulting in longer life of the filter media.

Excess turbidity, suspended solids, bad colour, odour, residual chlorine and volatile organic compounds are eliminated from the water when it passes (down flow) through this unique 4-layer media column. The water which comes out of the MACRO FILTER will have better clarity and freshness. Besides, DFT enhances the dirt holding capacity of the plant with lesser pressure drops across the filter bed at higher velocities.

Maintenance Operations

Reversing the direction of the water flow to remove the accumulated dirt and clean the media bed is called backwash. During backwash, water enters from the bottom of the filters and passes through the filter bed. In the process, it agitates the media bed and the suspended solids and other physical impurities come out through the backwash outlet. This back wash water will have high level of suspended solids content. The backwash water can be again treated and reused to avoid environmental problems. After the backwash operation is completed, the media will have to be softly rinsed to reset the agitated media.

In a smaller system (<2000 LPH), the water enters the riser tube (central tube) from top and reaches the bottom of the filter. From here it rises up through the filter media with the help of external pressure (pump) and loosens the media to bring the dirt up.

The backwash and rinse operations need to be performed at frequent intervals with filtered water as specified by our technical department for effective removal of filtered dirt and grit.

Other Filtration Products

MORF INDIA also has a vast range of vertical and horizontal surface filtration units (single and parallel) for a variety of applications like

  • Pressure Sand Filter (PSF)
  • Rapid Filtration Unit (RFU)
  • Multi-Grade Filtration System (MGFS)
  • Dual Media Filter (DMF)
  • Side Stream Filter
  • Valve-less Gravity Filter

General Features and Technical Information

The efficacy and durability of a filtration unit is ascertained based on the design basis, engineering accuracy, material of construction, media efficiency, prescribed usage and sound preventive maintenance.

A Macrofilter consists of three major parts namely i. Shell, ii. Valve and iii. Media.
The design/dimensions of the plant are highly formula-driven and are primarily based on the level of physical contaminants present in the water and the total volume of water required per day.

Macrofilters are available in Stainless Steel (SS), Mild Steel with Rubber Lining inside and Epoxy Coating Outside (MSRLEC), Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and Composite vessels. Multi-port valve makes the process highly user-friendly (Less Friction Co-efficient) with its single-point operations, controls and excellent seal capability preventing internal port leaks. In case the flow rate of the filtration plant is more than 10,000 LPH, conventional valves are used with complete frontal piping in the configuration.

Advanced and robust PP internals/ Hub and Laterals / Bell Mouth type ensure even distribution of the inlet water into the media bed and proper collection of the filtered water.

Pre-engineered and standardized modular products are available for domestic and institutional requirements. For industrial applications and large scale operations, custom-designed filters can be fabricated and supplied to meet specific requirements. Air Scouring is essential in large-scale filtration units to agitate and loosen the media for effective removal of dirt during backwashing.

The filter media contains Graded quartz sand, Sieved fine white sand, Activated carbon granules of high iodine value (IV 950) and Pebbles. For special applications, the filter media may also contain graded silex, anthracite, green sand, garnet etc.

High (above 10,000 LPH) and Medium flow (above 5,000 LPH) units come with a set of inlet and outlet glycerine-filled pressure gauges.

Our products and components are manufactured / sourced under the most stringent quality control norms and tested to international quality standards in every aspect.

All filtration units are available in Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic versions.

MACRO FILTERS of less than 2,000 LPH flow rate come with a One Year Comprehensive Guarantee which covers everything including the media and also a Special Guarantee of 5 years for the vessel.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES : Field-Mounted Digital Flow Meter / Totalizer.

A detailed analysis of the raw water will help us configure the right product.

General Applications

Used to reduce the high levels of turbidity and suspended solids in municipal / corporation supplied water, river, dam and sea waters.

  • Used in high-turbid open well and bore well waters.
  • Used as a pre-treatment to softeners and DM units.
  • Used as a pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis Plants.
  • Used in the recirculation of industrial and process water (Pharmaceutical, fertilizer, chemical, brewery, petroleum and textile industry)
  • Used in the filtration of the cooling tower water (side stream)
  • Used extensively in Swimming Pool recirculation plants.
  • Used in the filtration of post-clarifier water
  • Used as a tertiary treatment in Sewage Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants

Macro water filter technology

water Macro filter technology

Water Maintenance Operations

Morf water filtration products

Morf water filtration products

Morf water filtration products

Morf water filtration products