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A thorough and authentic analysis of water or waste water gives a clear understanding as to the nature of the liquids and is also the safest way to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment / purification methodologies. A detailed analysis of the sample (water / waste water) has today become essential due to the new types of deadly contaminants present in the water which were either not known or existed in the past. The presence of many of these contaminants is not always obvious and consumption / usage of this contaminated water for longer periods of time poses serious risks and may result in acute, chronic and some times irreversible health problems. The same goes true with industries where impure water may severely hamper the process and cost the companies a fortune.

MORF is one of the very few companies in water and waste water treatment industry to have a very advanced laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art imported analytical instruments for comprehensively testing every type of sample including packaged drinking water, ground water, municipal water, swimming pool water, water used for construction, storm water, process water, sewage, kitchen effluent, industrial effluent, sullage, soil, sludge, bio-solids etc. on physical, chemical and biological parameters in accordance with the latest norms prescribed by BIS (IS), PCB and other international bodies. Our laboratory is located at Ambattur (Chennai-Tamil Nadu-India).

Our team of qualified chemists and microbiologists test these samples for various related parameters like colour, odour, taste, turbidity, conductivity, total dissolved solids, total hardness, heavy metals, pH, sulphate, total suspended solids, silica, oil and grease, iron, phenolic compounds, volatile organic compounds, biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, total alkalinity, ammonical nitrogen, presence of hydrocarbons, dissolved gases, residual chlorine, bacteria, virus, protozoa and other specific constituents.

In terms of microbiological parameters, the samples are tested for e.coli, coliform, faecal coliforms, yeast amd mould, faecal streptococci, staphylococcus, aureus, salmonella spp, shigella spp, vibrio Cholerae and vibrio parahaemoltyticus etc.

The list of water contaminants is huge and it is impractical to test everything in its entirety. Such analysis will be very expensive and unnecessary. Knowing which water contaminants are most likely to be a problem and being aware of the warning signs of potential contaminants can make such testing more meaningful and economical. Our laboratory conducts a host of standardized tests and also customized analysis depending on the sample and the customer requirements. Our lab maintains a complete data base of the analyses conducted for a period of six months. We are in the process of obtaining necessary accreditations (NABL / BIS / ISO) for our laboratory.

MORF offers doorstep service to collect water samples from the customer premises if the customer site is within 30 kms from our office. Alternatively, customers may also courier their water samples to our office along with the required payment for analysis.

We also supply portable field test kits and water quality monitoring instruments to our customers to conduct site analysis of their water. For more details on our analytical capabilities, Reach Us now


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