Morf water purificationMorf 2nd decade in Sewage Treatment Plant



Product Specification

  • Instant waste disposal
  • Clean kitchen bins
  • Free from foul smell and insects
  • Clog free drains
  • Simple, compact and user friendly
  • Clean environment

Process flow

  • Attach to the sink and connect outlet to the drain.
  • Connect the crushmate cord to a 5A 3pin socket for the safety purpose
  • Turn on the switch and open the tap
  • Feed in wastes like bones, eggshells, vegetable &
    fruit peels, left over food etc.,
  • The wastes get crushed and goes down the drain.

Special Features

  • PMDC motor to provide maximum torque & compactness.
  • Over load protector (manual reset type) for motor safely
  • Grinding ring & turn table with anti-jam impellers made of SS 304 for efficient grinding & corrosion free performance.
  • Main Housing, Mounting assembly & Electrical housing made of glass filled Nylon for durability & corrosion free performance.
  • Specially designed mounting arrangement is sturdy & leak proof even after year of usage.

Technical specification

Overall size

Dia 150 x 325mm

Sink mounting

90 mm


50mm PVS pipe


4.5 kg


hp. 2300 rpm 240v 5min. duty

Note: Provide a 5 amps 3pin socket below the sink and a switch above the sink Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Safety Instructions

  • Do not put fingers or hand into the crushmate during usage.
  • Turn off power before service or cleaning the crushmate.