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Our Future

MORF is gradually expanding its product portfolio and bolstering its expertise in the execution of very large water treatment systems. Presently, a major portion of our revenues are coming from residential and institutional segments. We are already in the process of rapidly scaling up our presence in these segments in all the states we operate.

However, our presence in the industrial segment is quite insignificant. We should be a dominant player in all the three segments namely residential, institutional and industrial segments in South India.

Reducing usage of fresh water and recycling of waste water have been steadily gaining momentum in the face of rapidly depleting water resources. This presents a potential business opportunity and a future growth area. MORF wants to establish a firm foothold in sewage / sullage / kitchen effluent treatment and recycling industry. Our R & D personnel are working on a break-through technology which is energy-efficient, chemical-free and cost-effective with shorter HRT cycles.

Collaborative Endeavours

MORF seeks to expand and explore newer vistas of learning, growth and performance through new alliances, joint ventures, technology transfers, global sourcing and indigenous research.

Trust is the key to future

At MORF, we firmly believe that trust is the key to success. Trust reposed on us by all our stakeholders has brought us this far. We shall continue to remain a highly ethical organization, guided by our stated principles (CoBE) which shall catapult us in to a leadership position as a VALUE BRAND.

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Winner of Unesco water digest award

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