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Engineering Support in water treatment

Execution of water and waste water treatment projects also entails allied engineering tasks related to the civil, plumbing and electrical works for the project. These allied tasks significantly contribute to the overall success of the projects and hence have to be scrupulously managed.

MORF conducts detailed site assessment studies to understand the scope and depth of these allied works and extends valuable engineering guidance to our customers in terms of GA drawings, isometrics for pipe lines, BOMs and specifications, equipment layout plans, civil drawings for equipment foundations, electrical wiring diagrams, specifications of control instrumentation etc.

We guide our customers in outsourcing these works to reputed and competent contractors and also assist them in procurement activities. MORF, against specific requests from the customers, also undertakes project execution on a turnkey basis. Construction of process tanks (RCC / FRP / MS), laying of pipes and plumbing accessories, electrical and instrumentation works, supply of pumps, process automation, 3D Modelling (PDMS) are a few allied works we undertake.

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Execution of water and waste water treatment

water and waste water treatment engineering support

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Water Treatment Engineering Support