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Our Culture

At MORF, we strongly believe that the culture of an organization plays a pivotal role in the growth and success of that organization. A strong culture is fundamental to the realization of the organization's vision. Over a decade, we have assiduously cultivated a dynamic and vibrant culture which is now a unifying force amongst our employees to sustain our collective drive for success. Our cultural values underpinning the way we conduct our business are:


We conduct our business with honesty and transparency adhering to uncompromising ethical standards. We are accountable for the commitments we make. We are committed to doing what is right - in good times and in bad. We are truthful to our customers by enlightening them sufficiently and greater emphasis is on offering them the right solutions. Our relationships with the other stake holders such as our vendors, employees, business partners that are critical to our success are equally transparent and based on high moral standards. Everything we do should comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the land and stand the test of public scrutiny.


Our customers are our partners in creating value and their loyalty is our greatest recognition. We see ourselves as long term reliable partners to our customers and not just a product supplier. Maximum Customer Delight is our motto and one of our most crucial goals. We realize our motto by advising our customers on their exact needs and taking total responsibility for the performance of our products which includes the responsibility of training our customers and ensuring they derive optimum benefits from the products we supply. All our service parameters are dynamic in nature and shaped by the evolving needs of our customers.


MORF is a vision-driven organization with a dynamic and invigorating work environment. Ours is a high-performance culture and we passionately strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our work processes and in the quality of our goods and services. We aspire to be a leader in serving our customers, advancing our technologies and rewarding all who invest in us. To sustain our performance, we relentlessly seek new ways and means to improve ourselves. We bring in a sense of urgency to every business challenge and opportunity. We encourage new and innovative ideas that challenge the status quo and we involve every employee in the growth of our business. Our employees remain the crux of value creation whose imagination, determination and dedication are essential to our organizational growth. This is reflected in our compensation policies wherein performance-linked reward system is a major component.

People Development

Building strong leaders and a competent team is a strategic imperative and the key challenge to a growing organization. Continuous improvement of collective competence is a must in a happening organization and has been the bedrock of MORF culture since our inception. Competence is a combination of knowledge and skills. We, at MORF, actively encourage and support all our employees through internal and external training programs, seminars and conferences to update their knowledge base and hone their skills in their respective functions. We listen to our employees' needs, ideas and wishes and when we discover problems, we address and solve those problems. This underscores our intense desire to seek the best in everything we do and an unwillingness to settle for anything less. These measures also help our employees accept and adapt to the changing environs, stay motivated and evolve as better leaders and human beings.

We offer a very supportive environment to our employees with high autonomy of work and an objective performance management system which results in high level of employee commitment towards the overall cause of our organization.


MORF is both a coming-together of entrepreneurial businesses and a single enterprise. Our goal is to preserve the liberty each of us needs to find personal satisfaction while building a strong business that comes from a singular unity of purpose. True unity is more than a melding of self-interests and results when goals and values are shared. We work as a very cohesive and united team across the departments, with our customers and other stake holders. In the process, we have built strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding, cooperation and mutual respect.

Mutual Respect

We believe in the intrinsic worth of all people. Working together requires that we have a friendly atmosphere based on trust and respect amongst all of us. MORF operates in a climate of openness, trust and co-operation in which each of us freely grants others the same respect and honour we seek for ourselves. Our respect for people also includes our customers, suppliers and all others whose lives we touch.


We recognize our human resources as extremely important and critical assets. We honour the dignity and emotions of each individual irrespective of their position and rank.We recognize and celebrate the efforts, skills, knowledge of all our employees and facilitate creation of synergy, mutuality and interdependence between individual and corporate development goals. We stimulate growth through total employee involvement and building an enabling work environment in the organization. Our employees are proud of being a part of our organization.

Social Responsibility

MORF is a very responsible organization and committed to the communities and environments in which we work. This is a very important aspect of our culture. We strive to supply goods and services of superior value and benefits to our customers.

Our growth and success shall be in harmony with the environment because the sale of our products is not only for our own success but also hugely benefits the societies where they are used in terms of utility value and protection of environment. We shall continuously endeavour to explore new methods to protect the environment and all our future products shall also be environment-friendly solutions.

We firmly believe that a company should accept social and environmental responsibilities and serve the community it lives in. Our communities are our neighbours and their acceptance is vital to our ability to operate. We dedicate time to listen to our communities and develop authentic relationships to build better, stronger and more sustainable communities. This belief has manifested into concrete philanthropic activities. For the past several years, we have apportioned a part of our profits to various charity organizations. Pursuant to this, we have plans to dedicate a minimum number of man hours of all our employees for community initiatives, annually.

Universal Brotherhood

As a professional organization, we invite and embrace the diversity of all our people. At MORF, equal opportunities are provided to all our employees only based on their qualifications and experience without regard to their race, caste, religion, colour, culture, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability. We actively promote affirmative action, diversity and equality in the work place while encouraging the adoption of international acclaimed organizational practices.

Open Forum

While we respect and value the organizational structure and hierarchy, we have dedicated channels of communication wherein anybody can voice his or her grievance, share their ideas / suggestions, express their doubts about job or work place or uncertainties about one's future in the organization. This, we believe, creates transparency and openness amongst employees at all levels and also gives us the required information to take initiatives, fill up crucial gaps and fine tune our processes continuously.


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Winner of water UNESCO water digest award

Winner of water UNESCO water digest award

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