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Our Code of Business Ethics

As an independent enterprise and a private limited company, MORF INDIA is determined to conduct its business with integrity, upholding high ethical standards and with respect for all those whom our activities cover at every level of our organization and in every location we operate. This commitment has long been an important part of our history and culture. We firmly believe that this is our vital asset as valuable as our people and our products.

For us, being a successful organization does not just mean investing for growth and balancing short and long term interests. It primarily means caring for our customers, employees, share holders, our business partners and the world in which we live. MORF INDIA's success is a result of the confidence and trust reposed on us by our customers, employees, share holders and our business partners.

Sustenance of our success requires the highest standards of ethical behaviour consistently observed by all of us. MORF Code of Business Ethics (CoBE) has been drafted and subsequently updated based on the interests of various stakeholders of our organization. MORF CoBE is the foundation for numerous organizational policies and guidelines representing our key ethics and principles that govern how we conduct our day-to-day business.

We therefore want this CoBE to be more than a collection of forward-looking statements. It must have practical value in our day-to-day business lives and each of us must read and follow these principles both in letter and spirit. This will enable us to create a more positive environment, build a strong and unified team, enhance our reputation, better our business performance and thus fulfil our professional and personal lives.

While MORF INDIA's principles will always remain constant, some of our policies and guide lines within our CoBE may change or evolve to keep pace with changes in our country's laws and regulations or customer expectations. This has made it essential that we refresh our understanding of our CoBE on a periodical basis.

Having stated the above, we require all our employees including our Directors to comply with this CoBE in all dealings amongst ourselves and also with customers, business partners, vendors, other service providers and communities so that our approach to business remains consistent and widely understood. Together, we can preserve the high ethical standards that have attributed to our past success and will help lead to our future success, and, in the process, make MORF a great place to work

MORF Code of Business Ethics

Download the detailed MORF CoBE document (PDF 1123 KB)


This is the latest and most updated version of our CoBE superseding all earlier versions and stands effective from 1st July 2009.

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